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Ready to get your manuscript or collection in shape? Me too! 

Who I am:

I am the author of two prize-winning books of poetry, published by University of Wisconsin Press, and one prize-winning novel, forthcoming from Skyhorse Press. I  have also written and published short stories, literary nonfiction, and collaborative literary and visual arts projects. As an author, I understand the process, the sticking points, and the extreme value of having just-right help. It is an honor to be entrusted with work that allows me to be that person for a variety of projects. 

I also have over twenty years of editing and teaching experience. In working to help others find their best writing voice, I've learned that something pretty magical happens when we entrust our writing to the care of others: it becomes a hinge, opening the piece up to enduring connections, vast improvements, and renewed enthusiasm. I love being part of how the work opens into new possibilities and directions, and I bring my full attention and expertise as a teacher, writer, listener, and editor to every project I work on. 


What I do:

Examples of projects I have helped people with include the following:

  • all levels of literary editing, from proofreading to substantive editing and fact checking for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
  • project coaching and construction (making sense of all those ideas and how to pursue them!)
  • poetry manuscripts and portfolios, from structure and arrangement to deep, substantive editing
  • agent pitch proposals
  • in-person individual and small-group writing workshops to ignite creativity, find a way into projects, and edit work that's under way (incidentally, small workshops are astonishingly fantastic ways to gather with friends and family to create shared memories and work at the same time)


What to expect:

I am in constant contact with clients while working on their projects, which receive undivided (perhaps joyfully obsessive) attention, reflection, and clarification. While I can't guarantee publication, I am never surprised when it happens. I can, however, confidently guarantee that the voice and form of your work will enter into a new brilliance by the end of the process—one that is exactly more of what it wanted to become all along.

Most projects take between one and four weeks to complete, and prices vary based on the level and scope of the projects. Some projects, such as agent pitch proposals and in-person workshops are flat fees, whereas others such as substantively editing and proofreading novels are charged per-page fees, often hovering around $4.30/page.


Contact me:

I'd love to discuss the project you have in mind and to see how we can bring it to its perfect place of next. Send me an email with your contact information, and we'll have a discussion from there about the project, pricing, and scheduling.

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